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I am a cartoonist, illustrator, designer, and painter. I'd like to say a professional one, but I'm still working on that. Welcome to Step One of that process: my own personal sketch blog! Its purpose: to keep me drawing, and hopefully, to provide art for others to enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments- I appreciate any critiquing of my work. Just try not to completely tear me a new one. Also, I do commissioned projects! If interested, contact me at tonyaros1@gmail.com. As you can see I draw comic characters a lot, but I also paint and draw just about anything so hit me with your ideas!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Harvey Dent

At the suggestion of someone on DeviantArt, who after seeing my Batman redesign said they'd love to see me tackle some of Batman's rogues, I've taken a stab at Harvey "Two Face" Dent:

I really modeled him after Eliot Ness, and tried a few new techniques while coloring him in Photoshop.  I'm pretty happy with the results, and believed I achieved the darker look I was going for.  Here's the line art to show what it's like before my experimental coloring:

And the grayscale, to show where I laid in the values before adding color:

I've got a sketch for a Joker redesign that I'm looking forward to getting started on, as well as the last JLA redesign.  I think it's pretty "super".  Stay tuned!


  1. This one is pretty great, Tony. And scary.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I set out to make him scary, so I think maybe mission accomplished.