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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Breaking Bats: Two More Contenders

I had so much fun drawing Harvey "Two Face" Dent that I decided to keep going with some of Batman's other rogues.  The obvious next choice for me was the Joker:

Because my Batman redesign was heavily influenced by police and riot-gear, I reasoned that my redesigned Joker should be an anarchist rioter. Visually I was influenced by images from the London riots, and I ran with The Dark Knight movie version of him as an agent of chaos.  Also, I had a line of thinking where maybe there are more than one Joker, even hundreds, similar to Anonymous in that they are one entity that all wear Joker masks and wreak havoc.  Of course there might still be one mastermind behind it all....

And speaking of masterminds, here's my version of Bane: 

I wanted to give him a practical look, but really wanted to make him look like someone you wouldn't want to mess with. I kept the same basic mask because darn it, I just think it looks cool. I gave him a weight-lifter's belt and gloves, riot gear shoulder pads, and tossed some wrestling boots on him for good measure. Plus, I gave him a more practical, less easy to mess with delivery system for his venom. I guess he finally learned from EVERY TIME HE'S BEEN BEATEN that he shouldn't have huge exposed wires sticking into the back of his head that can be easily tampered with. 

If you have any input on either design I'd love to hear it in the comments!

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