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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Green Lantern: Emerald Ensemble

Here are my designs for Project Rooftop's Emerald Ensemble contest, in which they challenged artists to redesign Green Lantern (any incarnation).  Being indecisive, I decided (yay!) to redesign 4 different incarnations: Alan Scott, the Silver Age Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, who I consider to be the definitive Green Lantern, John Stewart (military man & architect) and Kyle Rayner (artist).  I came up with several different sketches for these but the following are my finished designs:

For Alan I wanted to give him a more regal, almost formal look.  I pictured him as the older mentor of the group, and wanted to reflect that in his costume.  I kept the red and green from his original look but ditched the yellow and the crazy disco color in favor of black and a more armored-looking collar.  I also loved how in the comic book "The Golden Age", they talked about Alan as this great powerhouse, so I hoped to convey some of that power here.

For Hal's look I stuck pretty close to his original design, but tweaked/simplified his lantern logo a little bit, and added some geometric shapes to break up the large areas of green.  I originally wanted to put him in his Air Force jacket, but I didn't want it to cover up too much of his costume and skipped it. 

 For John's look, I wanted to reflect his history as an architect, so I gave him a black bodysuit with green lines reminiscent of blueprints.  So, greenprints?  I don't know.  Anyway, I liked in Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern how he described the different personalities of the various Green Lanterns and how it affected how they looked/what constructs they created.  Kyle created monsters and abstract things, Hal created simple fists and hammers, and John created complex, detailed constructs.  That always stuck with me as a cool concept.

While designing Kyle I wanted to keep his trademark mask, but other than that I figured as an artist he would try to streamline and simplify his costume.  I always thought the large area of white on his chest looked pretty striking, so I went with that, turning it into an abstract representation of a lantern.  I ditched the gauntlets and boots though- I thought they were too clunky.

And here's my group shot of all 4 Green Lanterns!  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

And a line-up of their different costumes that I used while initially designing them:

Also, here's actually my first take on Hal, done fairly quickly right at the start.  I at first pictured him as more of an astronaut, and gave him a streamlined space suit.  I like it for its simplicity and sleekness, but went with the group take instead.

And here's some bonus prelim sketches

Let me know what you think of my Green Lanterns!


  1. Hey there Tony :)
    I like all of them, but particularly John, Kyle and Alan. Hal's is iconic and works well, but I just love how much you've drawn from the other three's personalities when redesigning their outfits. John the architect and Kyle the artist really come across well and your updates of Alan's Golden Age outfit are fantastic. You took something really goofy and turned into something regal and dignified. Well done!

    1. Thanks Thomas! Yeah, I'll admit, I was particularly proud of John, Kyle, and Alan, but was a little stuck when it came to Hal. His traditional look is so iconic I couldn't find myself straying from it very much! Thanks for the kind words- loved your RetroFix BTW!